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Next generation duplex stainless steel
22 October 2019

NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation has developed as a commemorative product of the merger the unique duplex stainless steel “NSSTSTM2351” (23Cr-5Ni-1Mo-N) which is the upper grade for SUS316/316L (hereinafter the “SUS316 series”) and able to replace the SUS316 series.... Read more...

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Duplex shale shakers for Russian drilling rig

03 December 2018

After a whole day packing and marking labels, GN recently shipped out one batch shale shakers and decanter centrifuges to equip the oil well drilling rigs in Russia. The shale shaker and decanter centrifuge are two of the key equipment in drilling mud recycling systems. The shale shaker separates the cuttings by using the wire mesh screen opening size to block the coarse cuttings, while the decanter centrifuge separate ultrafine solids by using centrifugal force.

The GN shale shaker could be used in drilling mud solids control systems as the primary shaker unit as well as the high G-force drying shaker in waste cuttings management systems.

The GN decanter centrifuge could also be used in drilling mud solids control systems for fine solids separation like the suspending barite recovery and useless cuttings removing. In waste cuttings management systems, the high-speed decanter centrifuge could be used to treat the effluence discharged from the cuttings dryer. Besides the petroleum industry, the decanter centrifuge is also widely used in mining and environmental protection industries.

The GN decanter centrifuge is equipped with a bowl made from duplex stainless steel 2305 with good machinability. The centrifugal casting technology makes the bowl material distribution evenly for a good dynamic balance. Additionally, the tungsten material tile or bushing protection at the abrasive part ensures longer working time and less maintenance.

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